Conceptual Stock Photography – Best Selling Concepts

Conceptual stock photography has become increasingly popular. Many digital camera enthusiasts have found they are able to make extra money or even launch a career selling conceptual stock photography.

What is Concept photography?

Conceptual stock photography takes its cue from conceptual art. The goal behind concept photography is to elicit an emotion form the person or persons who view the photograph. The person may feel as though they are actually part of the photograph rather than an impartial observer. Whether they laugh or cry, emotion is evoked from the photograph.

In some cases, concept photography can also invoke memories that have been buried for some time. Concept photography can vary from an object to a person or even a group of persons. Overall; however, the goal behind concept photography is to focus less on the actual object or subject of the photograph and instead focus on the emotions the photograph is meant to arouse.

Why do People Want to Buy Conceptual Photography?

In the last few years conceptual stock photography has become quite lucrative. The reasons why people purchase conceptual stock photography can vary widely. Concept photography is frequently used in marketing in order to advertise products. A single concept photograph can be used in a variety of applications, depending on the marketing message that is placed behind it. Concept photography can also be used in desktop publishing projects as well, including greeting cards, etc.

What are the best Selling Concepts?

Due to the fact that many conceptual stock photographs are used for the purpose of marketing, one of the best selling concepts related to business. Business groups and teams tend to do quite well. In addition, conceptual photos of a large group of people also tend to sell quite well. The idea behind the group can vary from a group of children to a business team or even a scene depicting a party or celebration also tends to sell very well.

One of the reasons this type of concept photography tends to sell well is the fact that it is difficult to gather a large group of people together and get that perfect shot without someone having their eyes closed. If you can manage that, there is a good chance you have a concept photograph that will sell well.

Of course, emotional concept photographs can also sell well. Romance and love are two themes that always tend to do well, especially around Valentine’s Day and as wedding season begins to arrive.

Tips for Taking Concept Photography

One of the critical elements to taking concept photography is to make sure that you keep your eyes open for opportunities. You will also need to think out of the box and exercise more imagination that is commonly necessary with any other genre of photography. For example, you need to focus on the aspects that are unusual about the everyday in order to come up with a concept photograph that works.

Another technique is to associate words with the images you see. Do this first mentally before you actually shoot the photo. This will help to clarify the concept behind the photo. If you know going into the photo what you are planning to shoot it becomes much easier to define the concept rather than trying to do it after the fact.

Finally, do not be afraid to experiment with different angles and focal points with concept photography. Some of the best concept photographs are popular because of the different way in which they were taken. For example, close-ups of hands and even inanimate objects can be particularly beneficial when shooting conceptual stock photography.

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